Yoga || Healthy minds ~ Healthy bodies

Did you know we offered Yoga?

Well you do now!

Wednesdays @ 18:30 // Saturdays @ 11:00
£5 for members ~ £10 for non members

(Please refer to our timetable for more information)
(Yoga specific membership packages to come soon)


We understand, scientifically and emotionally, how important physical exercise is for mental health. MENTALITY is after all, one of our five major mantras in our Good Health Philosophy.
We often use training to de-stress. There is no feeling like throwing weight around. The thunderous clap of a successful lift landing is pure ecstasy. This rush satiates our thirst for empowerment and we put our stressful day behind us. We understand this but we are dedicated to improving your health. This yo-yo fluctuations of stress really wears down the  hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis which regulates the release of cortisol (more commonly known as the stress hormone). So naturally, we  are more concerned with better pre-management of stress rather than just reacting to it.  

However, have you ever stopped to wonder…

“What if I could manage my stress throughout the day?
What would happen if I experienced these training highs if I wasn’t stressed?!” 

Imagine the changes to your mind, your performance and ultimately, your health if we can train to adapt to physiological, biological and neurological stressors freely.

This is where Yoga comes into play, hand in hand with CrossFit. 

Yoga with Clare Bethan

Clare’s refreshing approach to Yoga and it’s delivery creates an air of serenity, helping you explore your deeper consciousness. As a result, helping you manage your stresses before you encounter them and consequently paving way for your training to become more about YOU and not about day just gone. 

A little about Clare…

Clare has been practicing yoga for ten years, at times for her mental health, at times to stretch out after running and at times, very inconsistently! Injuries and a stressful job led her to finally commit to a consistent practice and she soon found that yoga benefited every area of her life, from work to fitness to relationships.

Her journey led her to India where she completed her 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training. Since qualifying Clare has enhanced her teaching by completing other training as she strives to make yoga accessible for every body.

Clare’s classes build mental and physical strength and encourage you to play and explore through movement. You will wobble and sometimes fall, but it’s all part of the fun and challenge that you’ll experience in these yoga classes. The sessions accommodate for all abilities, offering both extra challenge and support throughout, and strives to bring elements of yoga and the Nexus philosophies into each class.

What about the sessions?

The sessions are a breath of fresh air. They’re revitalising, compelling and empowering. Clare’s sessions focuses on self awareness, movement exploration and static strength development, breaking far away from the “yoga is just for stretching” myth.

“Clare’s yoga is the perfect mix of strength and relaxation. I love the way it challenges my body but leaves me relaxed and fresh at the end.” – Julia

“I love how there is a purpose to everything Clare does, as well as how inclusive the session is to all abilities.” – Connor

“It was both relaxing and energising! Clare is so accommodating of all ability levels too, really enjoyed it.” – Laura

“The session leaves you feeling so positive mentally and physically afterwards. I felt at ease and so comfortable all the way through the session.” – Martyn

“I thought it would be a lot of just stretching but turns out to be so much more! It really made me think about my movement, reflect on my own thoughts and concentrate on my strength.” – D



Come on down to one of the sessions. Just turn up! Wednesday 18:30 and / or Saturday 11:00. (£5 for members and £10 for non-members).