I came here very dubious about Crossfit in general, and six months later I haven’t looked back! Great coaches, great members and great varied workouts! Technique is always first and foremost; would recommend Crossfit QYS to anyone!”

– Anna –

“Whilst my intentions of coming to CrossFit QYS was to better my fitness and start living a healthier lifestyle I feel I have gained a family. The coaches are phenomenal, so supportive but push you to your limits! The members all get behind you and support you to be the best you can be! It’s got such an amazing community feel and I’ve never looked back. Once you leave your ‘regular gym’ and join QYS I promise you’ll never look back either.”

– Holly –

“I have been going for a couple of months now and I have to say I feel amazing. I am already seeing a big postive change in myself Ray/Rob are great instructors and motivators. Enjoying the company in my morning group too. Great atmosphere.”

– Ash –

“I’ve been putting off joining this gym for a while due to me assuming that you had to be fit before coming but this isn’t the case at all, you go here to get fit. I’ve been attending now for the past 3 months and in that short amount of time I’ve seen my fitness improve massively. I’ve been thoroughly impressed during my time here, there are a great bunch of coaches who show all directions clearly and seem to motivate you through each workout, which can sometimes be needed but it’s more than that they are just a great bunch of people. One thing I’ve never experienced at any other gym is the sense of community, everyone helping and pushing each other to get better and for that reason alone I would recommend Crossfit XI XI.”

– Ricky –

“Following on from my physio after an ACL rebuild I was looking for something different, something that would keep my interest and push me to get fitter. I found it.
CrossFit itself is an excellent to way to get in shape and get fit. The beauty or CrossFit QYS is that it’s like a family. From day one you feel like you’ve been coming for months. On those occasions you don’t want to go because you’ve had a hard day or feel tired, you still will. You will because you get to see friends and socialise. It’s hardwork, it’s painful, but you feel so good afterwards and the encouragement you get from the trainers as well as the other members is invaluable. I spent 12 months at a local gym and I spoke to more people and more friends coming down here for one taster session than I did in all that time. I highly recommend it.”

– Jordan –

“The most friendly gym I’ve ever been in. Everyone is treated like a long term member and friend. Turn up, laugh, get fit”

– Julia –

“I’ve been a gym goer since I was a teenager,i don’t think theres any gym I haven’t tried but this place is by far the most welcoming place I’ve ever been!all the instructors and members are the most genuine and happy people which make it impossible to not get excited about going,rays knowledge,passion and attitude for what he does is commendable,I’m only 3 weeks into my membership but I can’t wait to embrace the crossfit journey with these awesome people and see what I can achieve and the friendships i make along the way!I seriously can’t recommend this place enough especially for those crossfit beginners like myself that feel a bit daunted,if you give this place a try I can guarantee you’ll have no regrets!”

– Elleise –

“Crossfit QYS is an awesome place. I wish I had found Crossfit and this box years ago, the coaching is second to none and the guys are as genuine as they come. In only a year I’ve smashed my strength and fitness goals and constantly setting new ones. Just like it says, it’s more than just a gym.”

– Dan –

“I changed to crossfit from being a regular gym member for years and supplementing this with personal training . I needed to reduce my expenditure without compromising on quality of coaching to help me stay focused and disciplined. I’m so glad I found XI:XI I’m still learning but have fallen in love with the community feel and quality of service. So when I’m told it’s expensive – it’s not. It’s a quality service with amazing dedicated coaches who can help you achieve results and personal fitness goals. It’s Worth every penny.”

– Barb –

“Joined just over a month ago, unfit and generally lacking in confidence about training. Felt very anxious about the prospect of joining but wanted to push myself and improve my general level of fitness.
I have been made to feel very welcome by Ray and the gang. Couldn’t believe how supportive everyone is, it was such a relief. Already I feel much better in myself, have more energy and want to keep improving.
The CrossFit members provide a genuine community spirit and they are all such lovely people. It makes working out truly enjoyable and I am so pleased to be a part of it.”

– Janette –

“Crossfitxlxl is an amazing place to go. You will learn so much about health and fitness compared to a normal gym or Bootcamps. The whole team here are very welcoming. Made me feel right at home.”

– Michelle –


CrossFit QYS | Craven Drive | Salford | M5 3DJ