Sustaining a healthy relationship with food


Eat real foods. Enough to sustain activity but not in excess.

A long term sustainable approach without fad yoyo diets.

Learn, Explore and Understand the relationship between food and health.

Remove obsessions with weight and scales. Keep your focus on health.

An individual approach to individual lifestyles. Everybody is different.

Minimise refined sugars and processed foods.

Remove the noise and focus on what really matters. Your nutrition and your health.

It can be very confusing with so many different people arguing against different cases. However, your circumstances are individual to you and only you. Your needs, goals, tolerances and lifestyle needs to be accounted for. To drown out all the noise, we developed this nutrition program for a few reasons but mainly to educate so that hopefully you will never “diet” again!

First of all, we look at your goals. Based on those goals we calculate the amount of calories, macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients you need to be consuming. We teach you why this is important when it comes to fat loss, muscle gain or simply to sustain heath.

We then provide you with “food prep basics” videos where we teach you basic cooking skills as well as the importance of batch cooking.
We keep it simple for those who are new to nutrition and help to educate those who may be stuck in a rut.

Basic Coach Guidance

If you are interested in discussing your nutrition or fitness goals and how to achieve them, why not setup a one to one meet with one of our Nexus Coaches?


For full access to our online nutrition program which includes:

Over 1000 tasty macro friendly recipes
A bespoke nutrition plans that fit your goals and your lifestyle that YOU take control of (no more soggy broccoli!)
Access to our nutrition modules to help you get a better understanding of nutrition
Just £20 per month*

For a one time individualised program which includes:

Access to online nutrition program (above)
In depth video guides & support
One off £40 followed by £20 per month*

*Minimum 2 months sign up, no contract.
We just ask that you give us 1 months cancellation notice if you wish to stop!
Please be sure to make us aware of any food likes/dislikes and
intolerance beforehand.

Personal Coach  

Your Coach will support you over every challenge, every hurdle and will be with you every step of the way towards achieving your goals. They will continue to support long after to ensure your success becomes an ingrained sustainable habit.


The consistent results come from you being held accountable by your coach and by your fellow members. Accountability and responsibility heeds action. Action results in change!

Exclusive app

Custom built app designed exclusively for members because we prioritise communication. We’ve removed the tricks, fads and useless info and replaced with data.

Exclusive members group & ongoing support

This exclusive community will welcome you with open arms, supporting you through your whole journey. Need ideas for a healthy recipe? Bit of guidance on a weekend coming up? Want to celebrate your achievements? You can turn to this group.