Bar Muscle Up Workshop

CF QYS SAT 13th // CF XIXI SAT 20th
April 1:00PM – 3:00PM

Nexus Members: FREE
Non- Members £20

Limited to 10 spots per workshop

We are excited to announce our next Nexus Workshops!
Are you ever so close to that first Bar Muscle Up? 
Does that annoying chicken wing need eradicating once and for all?
Maybe it’s time to start linking reps together?!

If you need some assistance to finally achieve that first elusive Bar Muscle Up or your technique needs just a few tweaks to turn you in to a gymnastics ninja then this Nexus workshop is for you.

The Nexus Coaches will:

– Provide a full breakdown of the movement mechanics involved to develop a deeper understanding of the movement.
– Guide the group through a series of step by step progressions and drills.
– Create body awareness in each portion of the movement.

Ultimately leading to that first Bar Muscle Up or a more technically sound version of your Bar Muscle Up.  

For those with still a little way to go, you’ll have gained a deep understanding of the movement along with the tools you need to progress and develop.

Spaces are limited to 10 spots at each site and in order to attend this workshop we do require that you have strict pull ups, some linked kipping pull ups and a body weight dip.

(If you do not quite have these movements yet, Do Not Worry! We’ll be looking to put on more workshops in the future progressing up to these movements – and obviously continue to do so through our day to day programming!)

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